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what path did you take?

  1. 0 Hi everyone:
    My name is Reb and I'm a nursing student. I'm very interested in working with burn victims. Burns are such a traumatic thing, and I believe I could offer great support to the victims and their families (along with technical skills, of course).
    My question is this: how did you get to where you are? I'm in an ADN program, I'll graduate next May. I live in a rural area and currently work at a local hospital. I had planned to continue to work there as an RN after graduation. It is, of course, a small facility with a 16 bed ER, a telemetry unit, M/S, and a 6 bed ICU. (Told you it was small). I'm wondering what would be the best path? Should I start out at this hospital and do the required M/S, move to ICU, and move to a bigger facility later? Or should I start out at the facility I'd like to end up at (I'd love to work at Washington Hospital Center's burn unit)?
    Sheesh, that's a long-winded question. I'd appreciate hearing your advice and your experiences.