thermal laser damage to face

  1. Has anyone seen thermal damage to facial skin from laser treatments? What can be used as a good moisturizer (without a lot of ingredients) for the excessively dry skin?
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  3. by   Ardneth
    Usually, if you had laser treatment, your doctor will recommend the best moisturizer to use. When I had laser treatment on my face and neck the doctor recommended Elta cream.
  4. by   CJ 1612
    Thanks, Ardneth for your input. Patient has extremely sensitive rosacea skin which has been intolerant to most over the counter products. Any ideas on at home solutions like self made ones?
  5. by   Ardneth
    That's what I have/had. Your best bet is to avoid anything that has alcohol, any fragrance, eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint, witch hazel, etc. Oil free is best. Also avoid any type of acne treatment products.
    I used an oil free green tea and aloe moisturizer for sensitive skin that I used to find at my local health store.
  6. by   CJ 1612
    Do you know the brand of the green tea and aloe moisturizer? Thanks a lot for your input!!