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Information request for current/former burn nurses

  1. 0 I am doing a nursing role presentation for a pre-nursing course, and it's a dream of mine to be a burn nurse. I have a lot of respect and admiration for all of you.
    I have a question.
    After you've completed your Nursing degree, and passed the NCLEX exam, what type of further training/experience was required of you before you got hired?
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    I had 2 years experience on a pediatric unit in a small rural hospital prior to working at Shriner's Burn Hospital. I think any ICU or ER experience would be very helpful, as working the burn unit is high paced and intense.
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    2 Years Telemetry experience. Luckily, same manager runs Tele and Burn unit. Any job will get you most of the experience, but to give you an edge, you must show comfort with:

    1) Conscious sedation
    2) Fluid/Electrolyte-balance monitoring
    3) Wound/Skin care
    4) Pain/Anxiolytic medication knowledge
    5) Psych

    Oh... and you have to be okay with purposely doing something that will make some SCREAM in agony! =(
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    many burn units have a step down burn unit. That's where I started as a brand new nurse and then transferred to Burn ICU after 6 months.

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