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    I did it--I finally signed up to take the CCRN exam. There is no financial or other workplace incentive to do it, it's just something I want to do for myself. Are there any other burn nurses with their CCRN? I personally do not know of any. I am hoping I know more than I think I do, but there are some definite gaps in my knowledge, i.e. neuro and cardiac (I wouldn't know an IABP if it was standing right in front of me!)

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    Well, you got ...! Propofol? Good for you, hope all with go well. Study hard, have fun!
    I will do the exam probably next year, me too, I don't get anymore $ nor get the test or material paid for. I like to test myself, it just another way to exceed the expectations!
    I never saw a IABP either, probably will never, ... I can be good with theory and understand the principle. That's what count right? Oh! yes, safety and patient first!
    Stay calm, good luck dianacs!

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