Burn units in TN?

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    I worked in a pediatric burn unit for 1 year as an aid while going to school. When I graduate I would really like to continue on with burn patients. Does anyone know of any good burn units in Tennessee?
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    No but there is a good one in Columbus Ohio if you want to move here. One in Toledo as well.

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    How about Erlanger Medical Center?
    I think its close to Chattanooga.

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    Vanderbilt University Medical Center has a good burn center. Nashville.


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    Thanks to all. I've contacted Vanderbilt and they're sending me info. Thanks for the help. I'll keep the others in mind in case this one falls through.
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    I would recommend UAB Burn Center in Bham, AL. I am a former patient (60% burns).

    I owe my life to that group!

    Kara Tyson
    Lyme Disease Support Group of AL