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Burn Unit Practicum

  1. 0 This coming term I'm doing my practicum in a Burn Unit (oregon) and I was wondering what I should expect, I guess part is Burn ICU and other part is more a step down Burn Unit. Any advice and things I should study up on before I start? Anything really would help, stories, etc.
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    be prepared for some rough stories as to how they are there. I have a friend of a friend that works at shriners boston...and sadly, many of their injuries are non-accidental I dont think thats what you are looking for, however. Thats an awesome place to do practicum! I would also brush up on parkland formula and fluid needs immediate post-burn.
    good luck!
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    I just found out I am doing my summer preceptorship at the OBC Oregon Burn Unit. I am excited, and wondering how your time there was??
    I would appreciate any advice you have for me

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