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This!!! This gets me so excited to start nursing school!
- its_ems

Not going to lie, this made me tear up a little bit.
- dd05434

This is great writing and I enjoyed reading about your experience in an inpatient unit!
- nutella

I needed this today. Thanks.
- AMatherRN

Your article, Joy, is one of the most compelling, truthful, and helpful pieces of writing on this topic that I've come across -- and I have read many!
- lindacampy

Wonderful. Brought me back to my Nursing School days!!
- rsqabxr

Beautiful .....ABSOLUTELY, beautiful!
- BeenThere2012

Love me some molly.hershman!!! When I'm old and crumbly, I want my nurse to be a molly.hershman.
- HouTx

I love being a nurse and when I hear stories like yours it just reaffirms that I am doing what I feel like I was called to do in life.
- jessicampoplin

I feel like I'm cheating by reading this since I'm not a nurse yet, but thank you so much for writing it.
- Evening_Primrose