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Article Contest Feedback

Wow.....what an incredible story. I am in AWE of your courage and strength...
- VivaLasViejas

Wow. Just wow. I needed to re-read and digest and think on this for a bit.
- jadelpn

Beautiful post. What a difference you made to her, she will never forget you.
- AZirish

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I can't stop crying .
- Debilpn23

This story made me cry. What amazing work we do! I feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing profession where we enrich, save, and improve lives daily!
- sweetdreameRN

Excellent! Thanks for illustrating that some of the really big stories are the disasters that don't happen, the fires that don't rage.
- SeattleJess

I love this story! I'm also starting from a similar place.
- pipmunk

This is an incredible story. I hope to have your strength as a nurse one day. Thank you for sharing.
- mimi90

I love your article! I can relate to graduating way back in the seventies, too. My backpack is gigantic.
- nursel56

I am a young Hospice LPN working with multiple agencies. I can relate to the backpack filled with "all things needed" for a crisis care shift.
- RN2BE2016