Which AR hospitals have a hiring freeze?

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    Does anyone know which hospitals in AR have a hiring freeze in effect? Have you heard of any layoffs?

    Please comment.

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    Are you already aware of some that have a freeze?
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    Not officially. ACH has a "pause" in effect. I heard UAMS is having problems and that some of the smaller facillities in the south, including Magnolia, may have had a lay off. Facts are hard to come by and the hospitals will keep this stuff quiet whenever possible. The press still thinks there is a nursing shortage.
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    I saw where Children s Hospital currently has a freeze. As far as UAMS I've submitted an application beginning of January and its still being reviewed.
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    ACH does not have a freeze, (we essentially were over the holidays) we just are not hiring like we used to. We are under a hospital wide restructuring, nurses included. We are still hiring but we are not hiring based on anticipated patients, we are now hiring only based on actual needs. Unfortunately that is not in favor of new grads or thoses with minimal experience.

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