UACCB- Batesville Gen RN Program

  1. Starting UACCB's Gen-RN program, orientation is on August 23rd ^_^ Anyone else joining me?

    SO excited about the new Nursing and Allied Health building!
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  3. by   Megsmom8
    How do you like the nursing program so far? I'm starting in January in the LPN to RN online but will do clinicals on their selected sites. Is there anything you could tell me about the program or about the online students. I know that this year the online students have had a good retention rate. I live an hour and a half away and have a local friend beginning with me and that we can travel and study together if needed.
    I have visited the new building and it is very nice.
  4. by   swatwife4051
    Thinking of applying for this program....what was your experience?
  5. by   MissIndy2004
    Hello Megsmom8 could you share some of you experience with this program, I applied for the LPN to RN program online and I just want to know what you thought about it!