Received job offer and need advice on if hourly pay is good. First job in Arkansas!

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    I received a job offer for $25/hr working in a pain clinic in Arkansas. I would be doing clinic work some days, and on other days I would be prepping and recovering patients from procedures. Is this a good hourly pay offer? This will be my first nursing job in Arkansas so I am not as familiar with the pay.

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    $25 per hour is a competitive pay rate for a clinic job in that region with your experiential level. Keep in mind that clinics and doctors offices tend to pay a little less than inpatient workplace settings such as hospitals. Also be cognizant that facilities in Arkansas tend to be lower-paying than many other places in the country due to regional differences in the cost of living. Good luck to you.
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    $25/hr is right about average pay for nurses with 3-4 years of experience. If you are a new nurse, then it is great pay ( especially if it has benefits). Most new nurses make ~$20/hr with benefits. This is my opinion and is based on hospital pay. I don't know much about clinic pay. Hope that helps.
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