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    Im really considering going back to school and becoming a family nurse practitioner. I have five years experience as a med/surg and tele nurse and love the interactions with my patients but would like to make more money and the only way for that is either management or become a NP. Anybody have any suggestions for online nursing programs or would like to share their experiences so far? (Ex cost, support of teachers, how prepared you felt for exams, FNP vs ANP) Any advice or experiences would be wonderful! Thanks in advance

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    i don't have any experience with online masters programs, but i would stay away from fishy schools that seem to pop up over night. research to make sure you get into a good reputable program. don't forget, you will have to find your own, local preceptors (doctors and other NPs to follow). also, you can make plenty of money as an RN, i personally know some that have made 6 figures (granted, they worked all the time). Best of luck!

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