Moving to Arkansas from Cali

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me about Stuttgart & Pine Bluff? Also can anyone tell me what it is like to work at Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff?
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    Pine bluff is where I live. I grew up here but hate it! Crime...just not a nice place. Planning on moving soon.
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    I worked in PB for a while. I was a security officer. Rent-a-cop. LOL Didn't like it very much. Wouldn't even move there. Ended up quitting the job two months in. Stuttgart is nicer, from what I've heard. JRMC is a decent hospital from the few times I've been there (twice to the ER for myself, once with a coworker). I've known a couple of nurses that worked there and they seemed to like it, but that was several years ago.
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    Do you have any tips, suggestions, advice on moving toward Fayetteville, AR. Any ideas of great apartments, housing, good safe area to live? I would appreciate it. Thank you.
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    What part of California are you relocating from? I am from San Diego, CA. Fayetteville is nice, but is predominately a white area, as is most of the northwest part of Arkansas. If you'd like what little cultural diversity Arkansas has to offer, you might consider moving to Little Rock. Lindsey Management, Inc. has many apartment communities around the state. I have a 2-bedroom/1-bathroom for $685 in an extremely nice area. Pool, tanning beds, jacuzzi, golf course and a lot more. Something like this in California would probably cost upward around $2,500-$3,000 a month. I'm basing that off the fact of what my mother pays for a 2-bedroom/1-bathroom duplex is a very bad part of San Diego in the hood. She pays $1,000.
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    Hey iTyrizzle87......I will be leaving San Diego (my home) for Little Rock pretty soon. Any tips, suggestions, ideas about how to adjust, fit in, and enjoy myself would be SO GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    Little Rock is a great place to live! You'll be centrally located from LA, OK, TX, TN and MO. You'll quickly find out that people are friendly here, especially in towns right outside of Little Rock. We wave at each other when driving past one another, it's okay to smile at someone while shopping or say hello. In Cali, you'd get looked at weird or shot, lol. Maumelle is a very nice little town to live in. It's primarily residential but is right off one of the highways that leads right into Little Rock.
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    LPNs make around $18-20/hr. working third shift here at long term care facilities here around Little Rock. RNs, of course make a little more including your years of work experience.

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