LPN scope of practice

  1. 0 I have read the NPA but it is so vague as to what the LPN scope of practice is. The Decision Making Model doesn't say a whole lot either. Can an LPN flush a Picc/Central line ??
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    I have heard several different answers to this. Yes they can and no they can't. My facility's policies state that only the RN can start direct line to a picc. Often times we may have an iv abx due after the RNs have left and we have no one there to hook the iv up to the picc line. So either we do it so our res gets there meds or they miss that iv anx dose. And we have severa on abx that require peak and troughs to be drawn. They say we can pb the abx with ns. But soo many of the res. have PT throughout the day and they don't want to drag there iv poles with them. Does anyone know for sure ?? The BON website is very vague regarding this.

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