Has anyone attended National Park Comm. Coll. for RN?

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    I am leaning towards NPCC for RN instead of UALR...would love to find out any/all info available.

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    It seems that the area would be nicer to live in than Little Rock. I went through the enrollment process a few weeks back (I already have a bachelor's) to take an online course there, and come to find out the course was already full. They seemed a little behind the times in the way that they did things, but they were helpful. Outside that I couldn't tell you anything, but (not that I know anything about that school) if I woke up one morning wanting to do a two year RN thing I'd go there.
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    I am a grad from 2005, and I am currently almost finished with my master's from UAMS. Great program- hard program. Great area. I would highly suggest. Let me know if I can answer any more questions.

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