Got the letter in the mail... Got the letter in the mail... | allnurses

Got the letter in the mail...

  1. 0 ...and it said Congratulations, Ms. "spikyhairedgirl!"

    Arkansas State Accel. BSN--here I come! Woo Hoo!
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    Hey, me too!! I had to read it like three times before I believed it, but me too! So excited! Now for figuring out how to pay for it...
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    Awesome, MIM! See ya at orientation!
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    I've been accepted also!! Can't wait to meet the both of you!
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    Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you as well.
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    Jumping in late, but wanted y'all to know that I'm here too.
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    Congratulations y'all! I'm not doing the accelerated program, just the regular BSN, but I wanted to wish you all the best!!
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    Congratulations to all of you!! I'm applying for nursing school and can't wait to get started. Have fun and best of luck!
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    Wow, that's awesome...I am also looking into the ABSN at Arkansas State University Jonesboro!!! Do either of you now what the lowest GPA and average GPA for the past few years for the ABSN program?