East Arkansas Community College

  1. Just wanted to know if anyone has attended this college? I would like to know how the instructors are, as far as, how they teach, and if they make-up their own exams from lecture/book? I have had one bad experience; trying to avoid a second one. Everyone says all nursing programs are the same, but I disagree. The same concepts may be the same, but some schools acutally have better instructors, and a nursing program as whole.

    Any advice, or insight would be helpful.
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  3. by   JoycMarr
    I don't have personal experience with it, but from hearsay (from prior graduates) I've heard it is a very good program, but not an easy one, if that makes any sense. I think they have some issues, like many nursing schools in NEA, with clinical placement for all their students. One thing I would do if I was researching nursing programs to attend, is view their pass rates. You can find them on the AR State Board of Nursing website. This is a pretty good indicator of how well they are preparing their students. Just my humble opinion though........
  4. by   Hawaii011
    This information is good, and I will definitely check out the AR State Board of Nursing website. Thank you.