Any good OB-GYN's in Little Rock-- HELP! Any good OB-GYN's in Little Rock-- HELP! | allnurses

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Any good OB-GYN's in Little Rock-- HELP!

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    I am moving to LR this weekend and need to find a good OB-GYN or midwife. Can anybody help me?

    This is my first baby and I am freaking out about lossing my OB in Houston.
    I am sure that someone out there can gimme a hand.

    FOCUS LADIES!!:kiss

    Thank you!!
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    Hello, N-2bate,

    I'm sorry, but the members of cannot personally give out and/or endorse physicians/midwives.

    You can check online and go from there:

    Good luck. And, wishing you a safe delivery with a healthy baby.