Would appreciate insight into East Valley CVICUs!

  1. I currently live in Chandler but have been driving into Phoenix to work in a CVICU the past 3+ years, which is how long I've been an RN. I'd LOVE to get a position out in Chandler, or the east valley, but am not quite sure how their ICU's match up...the ICU where I'm at does a lot of vasculars, open hearts, and is quite specialized, unfortunately. Does anyone work in Chandler Regional's CVICU? Does Mercy Gilbert even have an ICU? Banner Desert is huge that I'm immediately intimidated by it, but any insight would be much appreciated!! How much is pay? What about weekend/night differential? I'm currently making over $32/hr on days and am looking for at least that amount..or amazing benefits that would make me consider (slightly) lower pay
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    I can't answer most of your questions, but do know that Banner Heart Hospital, which is on the Banner Baywood campus at Power Rd and Broadway has a CVICU. They do open hearts and other scary stuff (I dislike cardio.... uck!!). It may not be that much closer depending on where in Chandler you are....