Where is everyone applying?

  1. 0 Hey everyone,
    I was just wondering what choices everyone has. This might help us all get an idea of how long the wait is.

    Here are my choices:
    Stored choices: Choice 1: Mesa CC - Boswell 4 Semester Traditional (Sun City) Choice 2: GateWay CC Part-time Choice 3: Glendale CC Weekend Day Choice 4: GateWay CC Accelerated
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    Originally I picked CGCC, Mesa one other traditional as choices 1-3 and then CGCC and Gateway accelerated as 4-5. I had to make new selections since my 1st choice programs aren't offered in the spring. I can't remember what they are anymore, except Mesa, which I picked as my first choice. I'd prefer traditional, and I'd like to stay close to home.

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