1. So as the upcoming semester is going to be starting, Just wanted to do an update list of those that are still waiting to soon be placed. PLEASE add your DATE & TIME STAMP so we can get an idea of we are all at.


    02/19/10 8:06:32
    1st choice MCC
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  3. by   nonsensequitter
    02/19/10 8:06:12
    1st choide PVCC
  4. by   nonsensequitter
    I just got called for an opening at Phoenix College starting next Tuesday 1/17/2012. I had to pass it up. I know, I'm crazy but it just wouldn't have worked out. We're in the middle of moving. I need a replacement for my position at work and 2 business days isn't going to cut it. I would need to go through hell and high water to get everything together by Tuesday. It hurt like hell to not take it but it was the right decision for me and my family.

    That said, they mentioned that they were "going down the list" and they had gotten to me (guess I wasn't at the top) and nobody had their Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card.