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Tele nurse relocating to AZ.

  1. 0 HI, I am a BSN tele nurse with 1 year of experience. I would like to relocate to az. Any tele nurses out there? Where do you reccomend working? Nurse to patient ratios? pay? Also schools for MSN. Any help greatly appreciated.
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    I'm still a student....but I heard Banner Good Sam was a good hospital to work for. I also think they will help pay for MSN if you do it online through U of P.

    GOod luck!
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    I have an interview with McKesson as a Tele RN on Thursday. You can look on the McKesson website. Good Sam is part of a network called Banner Health. I currently work for a small hospital in the Banner network. They pay good but don't have tele- nurse positions. Each hospital has it's pluses and minuses. You just need to find what works for you. Nursing is my second career. I have been in the hospital setting for 6 years and am SO over it. McKesson is a Mon-Friday job 8 hours I believe. 6-6 in winter and 5-5 in summer to cover the east coast. They know how much I make and said they are good with it! I'll keep you posted!
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    Lake Havasu Regional is hiring, i work there on med-surg tele, 6:1 ratio