Scottsdale CC Spring 2013 nursing

  1. Hoping to meet/talk with others who were accepted to the Scottsdale traditional 4 semester nursing program starting Spring 2013!

    Please also reply if you recently or are currently attending SCC for nursing. Any insight is absolutely appreciated! Thank you!
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  3. by   msiegel
    Hi To the Moon,

    I'm currently in Block III at SCC. The program is great. They offer a refresher math class every semester plus a review class and lab many blocks. Take them all if you can. The classes are geared to really help you to pass. I noticed you also posted about nursing scholarships- SCC has quite a few scholarships you can apply for. Talk with the Financial Aid department. You apply for the scholarships and they are awarded (most of them) based on grades. The scholarship funds are distributed by the beginning of the next semester.

    Good Luck!