Relocation Bonuses

  1. For you RN's in the Phoenix area, what is the going rate for relocation bonuses? I know that they aren't offered everywhere but what would you say is the typical range that larger Phoenix hospitals, like Maricopa or the Banners would offer for RN's to relocate to AZ? Thank you!
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  3. by   Hoozdo
    Zero. I have seen some seen some 5K relocation bonuses lateley, but not in Phoenix. I have seen them in northern and western Arizona.
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  4. by   AZMOMO2
    Banner and Maricopa do not offer a relocation bonus... nor do they offer a sign on bonus... if you have a BSN and a lot of experience you have a chance of being hired... but the market is crazy in the Phoenix area for RNs and is saturated. Why pay a relocation fee when they have cheaper new grads waiting in the wings?
  5. by   dream'n
    No hospitals in the Phoenix/Tucson area have relocation or sign-up bonus' at this time. Job market is very competitive. Yuma and Kingman seem to need RNs though.
  6. by   dream'n
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