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Question about Deferrals - MCCDNP

  1. 0 I was just wondering, how is it that people who deferred last semester are still awaiting placement? Don't they go to the top of the list? I know there aren't as many options available but it seems like there's an awful lot that deferred that didn't get placed. Does anyone know??
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    I would have thought they got top of the list placement.
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    Yes, that's how I understand it, they're at the top of the list after deferrment, and for those who have not reaffirmed, if they do reaffirm, then they'll be placed back in the que and then they're just like you with your date and time stamp, waiting to hear if they're accepted into one of the programs.
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    If you defer, yes you get placed at the top of the list. BUT, if you deferred b/c you got accepted at CGCC and then decided MCC was better there may be a wait. B/C if MCC is placing students with a date/time stamp of Feb 20, 2009 @ 8:05 and you have a date/time stamp of 4/20/09 @ 8:03am. CGCC may be placing the April time/date, but MCC may not. Does that make sense?!?!