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Psych nurses Phx area, which hospitals?

  1. 0 Hey there, looking to move to the Phx area. Been a psych nurse 9 yrs now and wondering who has a good rep as far as psych hospitals and facilities in the area? I know of Banner Behavioral, State Hospital, Saint Lukes, but who's the best? Anyone heard of Aurora Behavioral Health? Any insight or comments are welcomed.
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    I hear St. Lukes is the best!! Banner is a great hospital chain.. you can't go wrong there!!
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    The VA has a large psych program and benefits are great.
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    My husband works in a LTC residental psych program for a facility called Ridgecrest. Not sure how the pay there compares to a big hospital - he's an LPN but they hire RNs as well. Benefits suck though.