Phoenix Level One Trauma Comparison

  1. Hey all! I may be moving from Flagstaff to Phoenix in August and wanted some advice. I have been working at Flagstaff Medical Center (State designated Level 1) and would like to continue getting level one experience. Currently I work in the ICU where I see traumas, neuro, neuro/surg, cardiac, etc. By the time I move, I will have my ATCN, CCRN, ACLS and BSN with 18 months of experience.

    SO my question is: which hospital is the best to work at? I am looking at Maricopa, John C Lincoln, and Scottsdale Osborn. I want to work in a trauma ICU setting and am interested (though maybe I don't want to become super specialized...) in burns. I love my trauma patients the most though so I would love to be somewhere where I will see a lot of traumas.

    Sorry I am so wishy-washy. I just want a great night crew that are team and patient focused with docs that aren't complete d-bags ha ha! Thank you all so much for any and all insight!
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  3. by   rachaelofcourse
    I would say if you're interested in burns, Maricopa is the way to go. Best burn center in the southwest - if not, the country.
    I do want to note that there are other level ones that you didn't mention. Banner University, St. Joes, and Abrazo West campus are all Level 1s.