Phoenix CEP Spring 2018 start

  1. I apologize if this has already been discussed - but are there any groups up on Facebook yet for the Phoenix CEP spring 2018 start date? I think it would be cool to get to know everyone! If there isn't, or that isn't a thing - who else is starting at PC in the spring?

    My name is Emily, I'm 22 and I don't really know too many people in Arizona yet - I need friends with similar goals! 😂🤣
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  3. by   MH2016
    Hi Emily there are facebook groups for all Maricopa Nursing. You could join those and then once they break off for you particular cohort then you'd be set! I hope you are doing well and good luck to you. =)
  4. by   Eneveux95
    Awesome! Thanks so much! I tried looking for some but didn't think to search maricopa nursing. I appreciate it!
  5. by   MH2016
    Matter of fact there's one now that got started (I think yesterday) for all maricopa cohorts spring 2018! We're just getting it started! So exciting/nervous, they have all kinds of great advice for us newbies