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Nursing in the Flagstaff area?

  1. 1 I know there are already posts on this topic, but everything I found was at least a few years old and I'm looking for more current info.

    Need a change of scenery, and considering Flagstaff based largely upon what I'm told my a cousin who studied at NAU.

    1) Any advice for me regarding nursing at FMC or other hospitals in the area I might know about?
    2) Any complaints about living in the Flagstaff area?
    3) What do you like about living in Flagstaff?

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    I hear FMC sucks to work at...that's all i know. I love flagstaff tho.
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    I've worked at FMC since October. I started as a new grad in August. Very supportive staff, and I am pretty happy there. I love Flagstaff; it is very expensive to live here, but you can't beat the summers.