New Pre-Reqs for GCU

  1. 0 I recently heard that GCU will have new required pre-reqs starting in Fall 2013. Instead of COM 270 we will eventually need to have PSY 240. I am wanting to apply for Fall 2012 but am hoping they will allow me to follow new pre-req requirements since I've already taken PSY 240 and haven't taken COM 270 yet. Does anyone know if there is a petition process or who I should talk to about this (besides my enrollment counselor)? I don't want to waste the money on another class if I don't have to!
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    Honestly I'm not sure. I have not heard about the changes as of yet. It will probably be best for you to contact an advisor.

    Good luck!
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    I agree tha you should contact an advisor. If you're planning on transferring to ASU, you will still need PSY 240 anyway.

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