NAU Yuma Spring 2013 applicants??

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    Has anyone here applied for NAU Yuma Spring 2013? if so can you share your Kaplan scores (Science, Overall) Just wondering because I felt I didn't do so well. 65 in Science and 81 Overall. :/
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    i've been waiting to see if anyone would start a forum about nau yuma for spring 2013! for kaplan i scored a 85% in science and a 91 overall. but it just kind of scares me that they only take 10 students!
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    Wow! you did really well. I'm sure you will make it. Yeah, only 10 students is kinda scary. Did you only apply for Yuma? I hope I get lucky because my scores weren't nearly as high as yours.
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    Good job guys! How did you guys choose to study? I just did sparknotes for a&p with the kaplan nursing entrance exam book. Weird that they don't include their test in the book right?
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    soah - I started using the kaplan nursing entrance exam book, but then got lazy and stopped. Then I realized I was running out of time to take the exam. I spent alot of time on the math and reading and not enough on science.