NAU Traditional BSN Spring 2011

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    I sent my application in on Sept 2nd. I am applying for Yuma, AZ. I still have to take my HESI. Just wondering if there's anyone else out there!

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    Hey there! I just sent in my application too. I'm applying for the Tucson campus. I'm so nervous! Good luck to you
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    Does anyone know how the selection process is done? Do you know if they use a point system?
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    I was told it is based on your pre-req GPA & your HESI scores. They also take into consideration the number of classes In Progress.

    I am supposed to take the HESI on Wed. I felt pretty confident (finished A&P II & CHM last semester & taking Micro now) but I went through the Evolve study guide/book & now I'm feeling worried.

    Desert Dog - did you already take the HESI? Any info you can give me???
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    Yes, I took the Hesi a few weeks ago. PLEASE don't stress, it is really very basic. I so overstudied. There are a few threads that I looked through that have somewhat specific things to study. I would look through the threads and write down any specifics. Then just find answers to those and cross them off as you go. I studied the vocabulary section of the guide a lot which I think helped since there were a few obscure words. Brush up on metric conversions, military time, stuff like that. The math section is incredibly basic. If you search this site with keywords like "study hesi" and variations then you'll find a lot of great info. I hope this helps. Good luck on Wednesday!!
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    Ah, well TYVM!! I was feeling confident & then that A&P & CHM practice test freeeaked me out! I am studying, but trying not to "over study" just the basic concepts. Everything seems to be falling into place as I read stuff. I actually re-scheduled it for Wed the 22nd. I can't wait for it to be DONE and everything turned in so I can hurry up and WAIT! haha Thanks again for the info!!!
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    Hey all!
    I'm sending in my application early next week for the NAU Flagstaff traditional nursing program. I'm taking the hesi on the very last day (the October 1st). I've just been studying the study guide book and looking at my a&p notes as much as I can. Hopefully that will be enough to get me a good score! Then come November we'll hopefully all get our acceptance letters
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    Just took my HESI today and did'nt do so well (83) but I didnt study at all so I deserve that . I think that you should study AandP and the biology, those are the sections I did the worse in. The rest I got above 90 in. The test itself isnt that hard but if it has been any amount of time since you have taken your science classes then brush up. Sending in my app for yuma anyways theres always next fall and a retake lol. Good luck
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    I'm taking my HESI tomorrow at 9:00 am. I can't wait to be done with it already!!!

    83 isn't so bad miki! I'll be HAPPY with that!! LOL Good luck to you and Leah :0)

    Wish me luck !!!!!
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    I PASSED MY HESI!!! 92.5 It was definitely easier than I was expecting. I'm glad I went over A&P & CHM again. Now I just have to WAIT! Hoping for the best

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