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I sent my application in on Sept 2nd. :) I am applying for Yuma, AZ. I still have to take my HESI. :uhoh3: Just wondering if there's anyone else out there! :D... Read More

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    Ideas about the "health" stuff that needs to be completed:

    TB & Immunizations at your local community college (CC) or the Health Department (TB is only $5 at my CC)

    "Urgent Care" clinics for physicals

    Walgreens (depending on where you live) does immunizations AND physicals (look @ their website for more info)

    Police dept. at your CC for fingerprints (mine did mine for free)

    I'm trying to get more info. I'm a POOR NURSING STUDENT so anything else anyone can add is much appreciatee!!!

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    Quote from ChrissyLove123

    I'm CHRISSY! I'm in Yuma, too!! Looks like we'll be in class together!!! Do you know anyone else to applied & got in (or didn't get in.) I have 2 friends who applied. 1 did not get in b/c of HESI score on sciences (had 74% ) The other one hasn't gotten her letter, yet...

    Are you from Yuma? @ AWC?
    I'm Blaire. I'm actually going to school at the NAU Flagstaff campus right now. I have 2 friends who did not get in I have never been to Yuma...or even south of phoenix because I grew up in Seattle. I'm looking foward to moving though. I hear it's very sunny.
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    Yeah, VERRRRRY SUNNY. We have summer & winter. Maybe a week or two of fall. LOL
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    I have found and started getting most of my vaccines, the only one I am having problems with is the varicella which Walgreens wants 160 dollars per shot and it takes two.
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    if you've had chicken pox cant they just take a titer for varicella to see that your already immune?
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    My insurance will not cover a titer test so I was doing some research to see if I could get the shots for cheaper then a titer test. I don't know if my insurance is covering any of this, I hope it is I guess I will find out.
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    My Dr. said that a blood test should prove varicella immunity. I am going to Fronske for my check up on Wednesday and they should be able to verify that you've been vaccinated.
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    The titer's are like 3x as expensive as the immunizations themselves!!! Not too excited about that!

    Found a clinic that will do the Physical for $20 - Rapid drug test for $10 - MMR titer for $75. They give a student discount.
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    I called today and I get to save $65 on the fingerprint clearance card I already had one done when I was a caregiver/CNA so she said she'll accept that. That's one less cost for me..
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    now there's a fb group!
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