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NAU Traditional BSN Spring 2011 - page 3

I sent my application in on Sept 2nd. :) I am applying for Yuma, AZ. I still have to take my HESI. :uhoh3: Just wondering if there's anyone else out there! :D... Read More

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    I didn't do too well. I am soooo disappointed I studied really hard and did well in everything except Bio and A&P. I used the study guide that NAU suggested and knew it cover to cover. How did everyone else do so well???? It does say the average class HESI score was a 78%....I'm all done with pre-reqs, I have a 3.65 gpa and can't do well on this exam. But, I'm not giving up. We'll see what happens!!!! Chrissy...I would hold out until you hear from NAU.
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    everyone I have talked to (including me) did worse on A&P & Bio than anything else. I don't think that HESI A2 Study Guide edition 2 or whtever it's called was helpful for anything but vocab & math! It was NOTHING like the test for me!! I studied A&P and Chm from my notes/books. I am also in micro and we have been going over cell structure so I think that hepled because it was all fresh in my head. :0) I wish I knew how many ppl applied for Yuma. My friend applied, too.

    I hate the wait for me or anyone :0)
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    mpg76: sorry you didnt get the grade you wanted :/ but but definitely dont give up. you still have a chance of getting in this semester. you have a good gpa and you have all classes complete which gives you more points also

    chrissy: i really think you are going to get in, there is no reason why you wouldnt. you have a great gpa and great hesi score. and only 2 classes in progress. also, i have heard several times that all the schools have a very high number of alternates that get in, its crazy. i think it was 11 alternates that were accepted into NAU last semester and im sure it would be close in yuma because most people who apply to yuma would have to relocate and sometimes it just dosent work out, so then an alternate takes their place. i seriously doubt you will even have to be an alternate though. but yeah not worrying is easier said than done ha ill be freaking out until november for sure. i have read a lot of posts from previous applicants on this site and a lot of people with a lot less points than us made it in, so try not to worry too much

    Also, this may not be 100% true all the time but its what an adviser said: and i hope this dosent come off wrong, but usually yuma has the fewest applicants because people dont want to have to relocate, so generally they have slightly less competition than UA and NAU, and UA and NAU are normally about the same as far as averages go but recently UA has had a little less competition than NAU. last semester UA's average required points for acceptance was .5 lower than NAU. i know it sounds arrogant saying NAU is most competitive when im applying there, but these numbers have nothing to do with relative gpa averages or anything, all it is is the fact that the more people that apply, the more people in each category: accepted vs not accepted, meaning more competition for more applicants. yep i realize it still sounds arrogant but oh well, its just what i heard. so in short: dont worry, your going to be fine! and good luck
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    Oh I don't think you sound arrogant! We have way less applicants in a place no one wants to live! LOL I was told that Yuma is way less competitive by an NAU nursing advisor. I talked to him before I took the HESI & he said I would have to do well on the HESI to be competitive, but then he realized I was applying for Yuma & said I would basically just have to pass it to be competitive here... I'm not being arrogant either - just relaying info.

    I do feel confident that I will get in, but without it in writing - in my hand - I get a little neurotic! haha I just have to e-mail the assoc program I applied for & decline. Seems scary to say, "No," to a sure thing, but I want/need NAU. I guess the person here w/the "alternative" letter will be very excited. Just freaks me out to close that door.....

    BOO @ the week before Thxgiving!!

    I will post as soon as I hear anything and I hope you (all) will, too!!! :0)
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    Hey all! Just applied to NAUs spring program as well. I chose Tucson as my first choice, and Flagstaff as a second choice. I don't care where I am, as long as I'm in! lol I scored 93.5 on the HESI, have a 3.7 gpa, and 2 full time health care jobs. Still nervous though as I have 5 classes in progress.........but if I can score that high without even finishing my bio's that should say something right?! I hope they look thoroughly enough at each application to notice things like that. My IP classes are all I have against me. Ugh never been so nervous in all my life guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is killing me
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    I feel for you! The waiting is the worst part!! I cannot wait until Thanksgiving... I just want to say, I'm thankful for....."
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    I sent my application in the last week of September and took the Hesi on Sept 29th, overall I thought it was very easy! I got 92% in all my sciences and 100% on my math section. Overall I got a 92.3 on the Hesi so I am happy about that as I was stressing big time over that test. I am very nervous and the wait is killing me! I got a 92.3 on the Hesi, have a 3.8 GPA, and only have 1 class IP, and have volunteering experience at a hospice here in Tucson. I applied for Tucson as my first choice and Flag as my 2nd choice. How is everyone else feeling right now?
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    cliff that's awesome your stats are great! i would be amazed if you didn't get in. i feel confident in my stats too but no matter how good you do the wait is still unbearable isnt it!? i think we have about 3 weeks wait left! if you look at previous threads of nursing applicants youll see most the people on here got accepted, so that's encouraging.

    im not too sure about UA or yuma, but NAU doesn't take previous health care experience into account. its purely a point system of hesi, gpa, ip vs complete etc. and as long as you have their minimum requirements for health care/volunteer experience then you get full points in those sections. just don't want people without previous experience to be discouraged

    if anyone gets any word on how the application process is going, averages etc, then please post it! ha i doubt we will hear anything but its worth a try. and good luck to everyone! were almost there!
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    Hey everyone! Just curious...did anyone else besides me have NAU as their primary?

    Hope everyone is hanging in there. I am routing for everyone on this thread. You all sound like you have great credentials and I hope that we all get in where we want to be the first time around!

    Happy almost November, by the way! That means we only have about 3 weeks until letters go out. Does anyone know if the letters are sent to out school or home address?
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    NAU is my primary too wooot! and im pretty sure they send the letters directly to you. if you have time you should read some of the nau application threads on here from previous semesters, i think it gives a good idea what to expect and they have answers for a lot of the questions people on this thread have
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    Hey Steve, I was just reading something tonight On NAU's site about healthcare exp. being considered. Its not the app/info packet but the degree info pdf that says it. :0)
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    hey guys! it's great to hear from all of you, and it’s nice to know that others are in the same boat making the journey to the nau nursing program. i also listed nau as my primary! all this waiting is killing me! i hope we all get in!

    i heard something exciting from my friend that i thought i’d share with you guys… she said that she talked to one of the nursing advisors yesterday, and they said they were going to try and get the letters in the mail by the end of this week. that way we can know if we’re in or not before we have to register for spring classes. so, maybe we actually won't have to wait until the week before thanksgiving!! she said they were going to 'try' (key word) to get them in the mail, so it may not happen and we'd have to wait... but it would be great to find out sooner rather than later!

    fingers crossed! good luck all!
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    Leahheart28- I just heard the same thing about letters coming by the end of the week!! i was getting on here to see if anyone else had heard. that is so crazy!!!!! before it was too long of a wait but now its way too soon haha im not mentally prepared for this!! well if it is true then good luck to you! and i hope to see everyone on here with acceptance letters!! there are plenty of seats and i dont think it would be that crazy if everyone on here got in

    ChrissyLove123- cool im actually glad they take it into account. i dont have any experience but it wouldnt be fair to those who do. i always thought it was weird that they didnt.