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I sent my application in on Sept 2nd. :) I am applying for Yuma, AZ. I still have to take my HESI. :uhoh3: Just wondering if there's anyone else out there! :D... Read More

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    Hey all!

    I have my application ready to go, but I've yet to turn it in. I guess I just need to make sure everything is MORE time....

    Is anyone as stressed about this as I am? I am absolutely freaking out over the fact that we have to wait so long to find out if we are accepted or not.

    I'm applying to NAU campus and already took my HESI (90.5). I have a 4.0 GPA and have years of hospital volunteer experience in 3 different units, but sometimes all of this work doesn't seem like it's good enough because everyone likes to discourage us against applying because it's so competitive.

    Does anyone else feel the same? It feels good to vent to people who are going through the same thing and can understand what I'm talking about...

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    I applied a few weeks ago. I'm a post-bac with a GPA in the 3.7 range, hospital employment, hospital volunteer, and scored a 93% on the HESI. I've also got 4 pre-reqs in progress.

    Everyone tells me I've got everything going for me but I'm STILL nervous.
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    Wow, good luck everyone!

    ORK2, I am definitely nervous too. Do we really find out at the end of November?! I know what you mean, I feel like I have good grades, hesi, etc but will it be good enough-I don't know. BUT, all we can do is our best. Your stats and experience look fantastic!

    Are any of you applying to the Tucson campus?
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    I was told by the nursing advisor (don't know if I'm allowed to say his name on here lol) that I would get my letter approx the week before Thanksgiving. :0/ LONG WAIT!! He said it all about GPA, HESI scores, & classs still IP.

    I'm applying for Yuma only.
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    Hey! im glad im not the only one freaking out i just handed in my application to NAU (U of A is 2nd choice) and took the HESI. it would be cool to see how everyone is coming along with prereq gpa and HESI scores to get a feel for the averages this semester. i finished all the prerequisites with a 3.75 and got a 93% on both the science and english sections of the hesi. ive heard only the science sections matter but i doubt thats entirely true. i guess it doesnt matter in my case but its still interesting.
    and my advisers told me (For NAU at least) that last semester the average applicant gpa was a 3.7 and hesi score was 86%, with > 91.6% on hesi being the top tier. hopefully this semester isnt any more competitive

    Chrissy: my advisers also say letters come about a week before thanksgiving, and yes that is a long time! ahh!

    Good luck everyone!!!!
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    Well I have a 3.91 GPA - 92.5 on the HESI - Micro & Nutrition still IP.
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    Hi all~ I am applying to the NAU (Tucson) campus for Spring 2011. have a 3.65 GPA and am taking the HESI this Saturday. This nursing program is so competitive but I heard it is a good one to be in
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    GOOD LUCK mpg76!!! If you have the HESI study book, make sure you look at the vocab. It's identical to the questions. Lots of fractions on the math
    know conversions
    study the brain
    basics of nerves
    review muscles

    I would say do the reading first. It takes the longest to complete.

    GOOD LUCK :0)
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    Thanks Chrissylove123!!!!! You are very helpful!!!!! I'll let you know how I did!!!! Are you applying for the Tucson program???
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    I applied to NAU - Yuma.

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