NAU Traditional BSN Spring 2011 - page 14

I sent my application in on Sept 2nd. :) I am applying for Yuma, AZ. I still have to take my HESI. :uhoh3: Just wondering if there's anyone else out there! :D... Read More

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    Quote from ChrissyLove123

    Woo Hoo!!! 1 Final Assessment Skills Check Off, Kaplan Test, Final Exam, 5 quizzes (Patho & Pharm), a 10 page paper (Ethics), a Final Clinical Eval, annnnd I'm DONE w/1st semester!!!!!!! :0)~

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    2nd Semester - still alive. :0)
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    Almost finished with 4th semester --- still alive... barely! It's all worth it though! Class of 2013
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