NAU Flagstaff 2013 ABSN Role Call!

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    Hello future NAU nursing students! I'm starting this thread to introduce myself to the new NAU ABSN cohort starting this May. I can't wait to meet everyone

    My name is David Nelson. My fiancÚ and I are moving from Spokane, WA and we are excited to have more sunshine. My first degree is in Finance, but I made career change 2 years ago and have been working as an acute care physical therapy aide. I'm very excited to enter the nursing field and can't wait to start classes. We will be in Flagstaff from April 18-21 looking for our new place to live. Let me know if you would like to meet up for coffee, food, or drinks!



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    Moving to the AZ State Nursing Programs folder. Best of luck!
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    Hi David,

    It's funny you went from Spokane to Flagstaff because I'm doing the opposite. I just graduated from NAU and followed by husband to Spokane. Do you know much about nursing in Spokane? It's been difficult trying to find a job here, let alone get an interview.

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