Moving to AZ

  1. I'm an RN in a non-compact state, so I need to apply for an AZ license. How much time in advance should I do it before I come? a month? As soon as our house sells we are leaving for AZ! Thanks in advance
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  3. by   2ndTime
    I'm not sure how fast AZBON are issuing a license to current RNs, but I found them to be pretty quick with issuing new licenses to in-state applicants. Each step only took a few days to clear, application received to transcripts sent from school, to passing the NCLEX. You can search your name on the website to see where you're at. If you haven't already been to their website, it contains tons of information: Arizona State Board of Nursing - Home
  4. by   NursingStudent17
    I just moved down as a new grad, so my major suggestion is toget your fingerprints/application into them ASAP--it takes 6 weeks for them to be back even though I had already been cleared in another state.
  5. by   mceeh
    It took me almost 2 months to get a license. You can pay an extra fee and get a temporary a lot quicker. But the nursing job market is tight here, so I doubt there is a real rush.