maricopa community college timestamp febuary 2010

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    anyone else close to this time stamp? i have all 5 choices filled.. curious about how many semesters it will take. waiting game!

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    i have the same time stamp.. im hoping i can get in by spring 2011 i also have five choices filled
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    I have a Feb 2010 time stamp too. I only have SCC accelerated and traditional as well as PVCC's program when it is available. I was hoping to get in Jan 2012.... think it is a possibility?
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    I was stamped Feb 2010 and just got accepted Spring of 2012 for Phoenix college. This was my fifth choice but took it despite how far away it is because I did not want to wait any longer.
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    Congrats to you.. I actually got in through a partnership and am now finishing up block 2 at cgcc. yay for being almost halfway! its hard as hell but it will be worth it. good luck!

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