Housing in Arizona

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    I am a travel nurse looking for housing in Arizona. I will be working at Banner Desert in Mesa, AZ from December to March just wondering if anyone has suggestions on where to look. Thanks in advance

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    There are lots of apartment complexes on Dobson Road and in the Dobson Ranch neighborhood which all would be very close to Banner Desert. Hope this helps.
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    I don't know what your circumstances are, but I have had good experiences with Extended Stay America while traveling. Unless you are going to be in an area at least 6 months, it is a pain to find an apartment that will rent month to month. Then you still have to get the utilities turned on, buy or rent furniture, etc. With the Extended Stay, you have a full kitchen, utilities, laundry facilities, etc.

    I still did OK taking the housing allowance and using the extended stay option. Good luck.

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