Help--need FNP preceptor ASAP!! Help--need FNP preceptor ASAP!! | allnurses

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Help--need FNP preceptor ASAP!!

  1. 0 I attend University of Arizona and recently switched from the ACNP program to FNP, leaving me without a preceptor for the spring 2012. I have contacted over 20 FNPs in Phx area with no luck at finding a preceptor.

    If you are or know of an FNP who is available Jan 2012-April 2012, please let me know!!

    Thanks, Jen (
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    I get the feeling it's difficult to find FNP preceptors. I've heard the Univ of Phx requires FNP students to find their own preceptors. At least you have a few months to find one.