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Hello. Noob here

  1. 0 Hi all.

    Just getting started. Making a career change in my mid 40s. Everything stable. Starting with my CNA and will knock out my pre-reqs for RN application following.

    Looking forward to the challenge.

    Let me ask this?

    I am looking to get into nursing to help people. Am I nuts?

    Thank you all for the welcome, hope to make some friends and learn a lot.

    - Murse J
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    No, you are not nuts. That is one of the best motivators to become an RN. You will be a Murse before you know it. Getting there is tough and arduous, but you can do it.
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    Well without a proper interview I can not determine your mental state... lol ... but wanting to help people is a noble cause in this world of "me's" Welcome to the club!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome.
    I didn't want to sound like I had these crazy ideas of wanting to help others.
    I have had a great life and I just want to help others, and a stable career field helps also for the future. Never enough nurses, or so I hear.

    But again thank you for the kind words.

    Murse J