Got into Gateway CC Evening program for 8/2013 Got into Gateway CC Evening program for 8/2013 | allnurses

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Got into Gateway CC Evening program for 8/2013

  1. 0 I just found out today I have been placed in the Gateway CC Evening program for end of July or early August start. I am excited to start the journey. My time stamp was 2/11/11 8:03am and Gateway was my 3rd of 3 choices, but I am thrilled none the less! Anyone else get placed in this program or currently in it now have some good advice or info? I am also wondering, Ebooks or old school text books??
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    YOu have worked hard and remember that.
    Be the best you can be.
    We all chose being a nurse TO HELP OTHERS!

    "Nobility only comes to those that have the ability to have courage to stand out and not be like the rest!"
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    @brinpitts. Hello I was wondering how you were liking the GWCC evening program? I am planning on applying for the cep NAU/GW next month and was curious about the program. Does the program run through the summer? Any info you give would be great! Thanks
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    I too would like to know I made my choices now and am wondering about the others.