1. Accepted into GCUs Scottsdale campus, fall. Wondering if anyone can give me insight on the program? Moving from the east coast and hearing many mixed things.
    Worth the $?
    Is financial aid that big of a pain in the a-- that everyone writes about?
    Thanks in advance for any information.
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  3. by   rnchacha
    I'm going to start at the AT Still campus in August. All I can tell you so far is that financial aid, for me at least, was of no trouble at all. As long as you do your FAFSA as soon as possible and complete the master promissory note and online assessment then there shouldn't be any problems. I currently work at a hospital and everyone I've talked to says they really appreciate the GCU nursing students because they always seem to be prepared. GCU seems to be very respected by all of the hospital employees I've talked to.
  4. by   Hobberdog
    I looked into GCU and also heard many good things about the program from nurses and teachers. It was too expensive for me and luckily I was accepted into ASU's program (about $10,000 cheaper and not tied to scholarship/grades). Just like Kestrella said, stay on top of FASFA and get it done on time. You shouldn't have any problems. It is a good school.