GCC/NAU concurrent program

  1. Hello everyone, I have read several threads about the GCC/NAU! I'm hoping to apply this February for Fall start. I have all my pre requisites and corequisites for GCC and NAU besides HCR 240. I'm taking chemistry through rip salado this semester because I don't have that class. I'm hoping I can finish my class in time to apply to not only maricopas nursing program but also the concurrent one. Kind of worried that I won't make the deadline in time since you have to apply to maricopa before you can go to an application session. I really don't want to have to spend all summer and the fall waiting to get in for spring considering I'm practically done! It's kind of a crappy situation since I just moved here. Is anyone else experiencing this problem! I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me to be able to apply by the deadline. I would really appreciate it
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