Experience before ER?

  1. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows weather or not you must have some kind of hospital, (Say, med/surg) experience before you can work in an ER? Or do they hire new grads to work in ER?
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  3. by   rollingstone
    I worked in ER as a new grad. Prior to that I spent some time working on a med/surg unit and a pulmonary step-down unit while in school. In the summer before my senior year I worked a summer externship in ER. After graduation I stayed on as a GN then RN for another two years.
  4. by   NICUbabyRN
    I know someone going into the ER as a new grad. She will have a good orientation and she is cross trained for ICU and CCU too.
  5. by   xoxo1981
    A friend of mine is also in the ER as a new grad. She worked in ER triage doing paperwork through school. She is getting a good orientation though (as far as I know).

    Another friend of mine also got into another hospital's ER by bugging the manager. The ER didn't hire new grads unless they had at least 1 year ICU experience but she was able to talk to the manager, got an interview, and was eventually hired. They hired her with no ER experience other than the stuff we saw in nursing school and I believe she did Med/Surg externship for a year.