Estrella community college nursing program

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    Hey guys ! So I've decided to go they EMCC nursing program and transfer to ASU downtown but before I do that I have to tackle these prereqs right? So with that being said, I have concerns on the "co reqs" what do they mean ? You take them with nursing courses or before just like your other basic courses..
    Any advice, answers or experiences will be appreciated as I do look for "guidance" though this
    Thanks guys and I do apologize if it comes out funny I am typing this on my phone lol

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    You have to take the prerequisite classes before you can apply. You also need a fingerprint clearance card and to take the HESI before applying. The corequisite classes are usually taken while you wait to get placed. The wait list is several years so you have plenty of time to finish them before starting.
    I did them all an was able to get into the MCC ASU concurrent enrollment program. I was only on the wait list for a year and a few months. I'll be starting in the fall.

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