Desirable Attributes in a PCT

  1. I was recently hired into the PCT training program for a local (Tucson) hospital. After our training, I will be assigned to the float pool until I am able to apply for, and be offered, a permanent position.

    I would love to hear from Tucson nurses about any specific attributes, skills or traits you appreciate and/or desire in the techs that you supervise. I would like to hit the ground running once I've completed my training, so any input you are willing to give would be greatly appreciated!

    Of course, any other advice or thoughts that might help me be more successful right out of training would be wonderful as well.

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  3. by   chanks
    Hello. I am new to this site and to the career field as a student. I am in Tucson and looking for any and all info about PCT training at hospitals, specifically UMC. Can you offer anything about the hiring process, the class size, training, after training, etc? Thanks for any and all info.