Concurrent Program NAU

  1. Does anyone know if being accepting into the concurrent program with NAU will shorten the wait list time?
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  3. by   kamsmom
    From what I was told by faculty, the concurrent program will take up some of the clinical spots, which is why they predict it will lengthen the waitlist. This is unfortunate for those who already have a bachelors and only want to pay for an associates in nursing. However, I also spoke to an ASU advisor that said next year ASU will be rolling out a new post-bacc nursing program.
  4. by   mommyoftwinks
    Thanks for the info =)

    I am one of those students that has there Bachelor's already. I liked the idea of doing the Maricopa Community College nursing program because of the cost but I would eventually want to get my BSN.

    ASU is waiting to see if they receive the funding for the post-bacc program. The advisor I spoke with said they should find out in July or August.

    Congrats on getting in the program!
  5. by   kamsmom
    Thank you! I hope you find the right program for you.

    Have you looked into doing one of the skills centers LPN programs with no wait? Some schools have spots for block 3 when you are done just for LPN's. It isn't as cheap, but still less expensive than some of the other programs out there. Best of luck!