Chandler Gilbert Summer 2013 accelerated

  1. I've been placed into the Chandler Gilbert accelerated program starting in May. Wondering if there is anyone else out there starting as well? I won't be able to be at the orientation, so I'd live to connect with classmates before we start! Also, would love to know what the program is like from anyone who has been in it". Thanks!
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  3. by   char85218

    I will be with you in the Chandler Gilbert accelerated program starting in May. Little about me: I am a 49 year old guy, going to nursing school as a second career. I was U.S. Army right out of high school, went to college, then worked on military communications systems. Retired from that a few years ago (found retirement utterly boring), moved to AZ, and got on the wait list and will start with you in May. I hope to work in the Veterans hospital eventually, working with the vets coming back from the Middle East.

    Have you heard anything from Chandler-Gilbert yet? I have not. Supposedly they send out some welcome packet or something, but I haven't gotten anything.

    Look forward to meeting you.
  4. by   OrealyYouThink
    Congrats AzIrish I wish you luck.
    You're going to be GREAT NURSE!
    "Nobility only comes to those that have the ability to have courage to stand out and not be like the rest!"