Can you become a CNA after level 1 of nursing school?

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    I am half way through my first level of nursing school and i want to work as a CNA over the summer. Since I am already in school to become a BSN can I take the CNA exam without any additional courses or just apply for CNA jobs and let the employer know I am a first level nursing student? Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    I'm pretty sure you have to take a CNA class before you can take the exam.
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    you need to ask your instructors of your current program. in some programs you are able to, in others you are not qualified to after 1 level. it depends on what that level consist of, and if your school is willing to send off the necessary documents for you to test for your certificate.
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    If you are talking about a 'Certified' nursing assistant position...then no, you can't. A CNA has gone through a state board approved program/curriculum and had a set amount of supervised clinical practice in the CNA role. You might be able to get someone to hire you as a nursing assistant.

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